Production of keys

Lost your key? Contact us and we will make the car key in the shortest possible time. We also manufacture duplicate keys for intercom, safes and any other locks.

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The main task of the castle is to provide reliable protection and security, and the task of the “master key” is to provide the owner with quick access to his property. But, unfortunately, the key is not a lock, and its loss is so commonplace that all of us often find ourselves in a situation where the production of keys is necessary and necessary very urgently.

Lost your intercom key? It does not matter, in such a situation, our specialists will be happy to help you out, they will come to the rescue in time. You do not have to wait for a familiar neighbor, which will allow you to enter the entrance. Agree, turn to professionals who know everything in their field, much more reasonable than every night to wait for the one who opens the door of the entrance.

Much worse is the situation when the keys to the apartment are lost. Some doors today are so well protected that not every tool can open them. But why engage in burglary if our specialists can quickly and efficiently make for you duplicate keys that are no worse than the originals in quality, but you don’t have to change either the door or the locks? Moreover, our specialists can promptly contact the manufacturers and help you open any door, even if the chip key is lost, and at the same time no one will have duplicates besides you. Making keys is the strong point of our company!

Our professionals can make and lost keys to the safe. Can you imagine a situation when the safe is closed and there is nothing to open it with? In your presence, our specialists will perform a complex set of works and make a duplicate without damaging the safe and its system. Moreover, the duplicate will be made of properly selected metal, which ensures a guaranteed service life that other companies do not pay special attention to.

But the most difficult problem is the manufacture of car keys, because when a car owner is lost, most often he does not know what to do. Our experts will help solve any problem, and if necessary, even go to the place to personally help the driver to open and start the car. We understand the problems of motorists who find themselves in such a situation best of all; therefore, our professionals have long had equipment to produce any keys on the spot.

Where you need, not the service center. In addition, we will help in unlocking chip cards, immobilizer and in the manufacture of the most complex keys that have been lost. Contact our company if you want to get first-class assistance in the shortest possible time!

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