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SOFT Comfort VW

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31 200 р.

Программа в себя включает расширенную диагностику бортовой электроники автомобилей (кодирование, адаптация, изменение значений, и т.д.)VW,Skoda,Audi,Seat

Программное обеспечение только на английском языке!

Diagnostic tool for the cars of the Volkswagen Group

Provides you safety through all diagnostic procedures - from reading trouble codes to testing the outputs of the control unit. Supports both the oldest control units and the newest with the communication on the CAN-BUS.




Basic functions:

  • identification
  • trouble codes reading / erasing - including graph printing
  • measured values reading - shows the values in the graphic form, incl. saving the test ride
  • control unit output testing - test of the binary outputs of the control unit
  • adaptation - enables you individually harmonize some parameters of the control unit
  • login / Acces control - authorize you for executing the protected function
  • coding - coding of the control unit depending on the car equipment
  • recommedned solution procedures for the trouble codes
  • engine code change

Comfort functions:

Comfort function enables you to do some special procedures, which requires enhanced knowledge. You can do this procedures now without risk of dammaging the control unit.

  • key programming
  • resetting of the service intervals (incl. long intervals QG1, QG2)
  • control unit adaptation - when switching the control unit or the immobillizer unit
  • start fuel amount by TDI - correction of the start fuel amount improves the warm start process
  • basic setting of the car lighting
  • activation of the CORNER function

Special communication:

  • autotest - testing of all available control units in a car, trouble codes reading, errors displaying
  • insert address manually - establishes the communication with a control unit, which is not present in the list of available units
  • gateway services - special instructions for all control units on CAN-BUS
  • engine electronics - a parallel communication with all engine control units present in a car

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